Q: What can I talk about?
A:  You can talk about anything that is on your mind – counselling is a safe space for you to bring anything you feel you need to discuss or to help you process any difficulties you may be facing.


Q: Is this a confidential service?
A: Yes, what you say is confidential and I adhere to an ethical code of conduct and policies regarding confidentiality. Information you provide with use will not be shared with a third party, it will be stored under the General Date Protection Regulations (GDPR) Everything is confidential other than in exceptional circumstances such as mention of serious risk of harm to you or others safeguarding issues or if requested by a court of law.  


Q How long will it take to be seen? Is there a waiting list?
A: We aim to offer weekly counselling sessions within 2-4 weeks following your initial assessment session.


Q: Can I attend counselling fortnightly or whenever I need it?
A: We initially offer counselling on a weekly basis. We have found that counselling is most beneficial when accessed weekly. Regular sessions allow trust, openness and connection to develop which are fundamental ingredients to making counselling work. Anything other than weekly will need to be discussed between us.


Q: What if I work shifts?
A: If you are a shift worker, we will try our best to accommodate your working patterns and offer flexibility.


Q: Can I contact my counsellor between sessions?
A: Contact between sessions will be via text or email to arrange, re-arrange, advise of lateness or cancel.


Q: How long will my counselling last?
A: Each session will last 50 minutes, you can book a block of sessions or leave the sessions open ended, if open ended we will agree at what point we will review and discuss to either cease or carry on, the final decision always stays with you, it is good practice to give 1 or 2 sessions notice prior to ending.


Q: What if I have a preference for a male or female counsellor?
A: I work closely with a female counsellor, if this is a required preference, I will make sure you see them at your assessment.


Q: I have a holiday booked; will I be charged for my sessions? Why do I have to pay for missed sessions?
A:  As your counselling sessions are a weekly ongoing commitment, this space is reserved and held for you even if you do not attend. Holidays and planned non-attendances will not be charged. If you miss sessions and this is unplanned, under exceptional circumstances, we may be able to waive a missed session fee. This is discretionary and can be discussed. If at any time your counsellor is unavailable, you will not be charged.


Q: What do I do if I have a complaint about the service or the counsellor?
A: I always welcome comments about the service I offer. If you do have a complaint or issue you would like to discuss, in the first instance tell me directly to see if we can try and resolve any issue.  If the complaint is about me or another counsellor presented to you and your issue hasn’t been fully dealt with you can follow the independent BACP complaints process. BACP Complaints


Q: What if I have a question that isn’t mentioned above?
A: Please discuss with me in the first instance face to face or email your question to info@nearmecounselling.com